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"Committed to improving the quality of life of black women, their families, and their communities. Addressing the critical concerns of the founding organization to significantly impact the education, economic, political and health awareness of the lives of black women and their families.."

Executive Committee

Ms. Gina E. Wood, President

Ms. Lanita Thweatt, First Vice President of Programs

Dr. Rebecca S. Sledge, Second Vice President of Finance and Fund Development

Ms. Karen Smaw, Third Vice President of Membership and Chapter Development


Ms. Yvette O. Jefferson, Recording Secretary

Ms. Felicia O'Neal Hackett, Corresponding Secretary

Ms. Valerie Trent, Treasurer

Ms. Angie Best, Financial Secretary

Ms. Lakeisha Jordan, Esq., Nominating Committee Chair

Program Committee Chairs

Ms. Haneda Garner, Health Committee Chair

Ms. Winifred Allen, Health Committee Co-Chair

Ms. Carla Moss, Education Chair

Ms. Rhonda Moore, Economic Empowerment Chair

Ms. Stacy Watson,  Economic Empowerment Co-Chair

Finance and Fund Development 

Committee Chairs


Ms. Valerie Trent, Treasurer/Budget and Finance Chair

Ms. Robin Valentine, Assistant Treasurer/Budget and Finance Co-Chair

Ms. Cynthia Harvey, Fund Development Chair/Annual Forum Chair

Standing Committee Chairs

 Ms. Ebonee Montgomery, Audit Co-Chair
Ms. Natavia Jean-Jacques, Bylaws Chair

Ms. Antoinette Rivera, Co-Chair
Ms. Denise Naizire, Ethics Chair
Ms. Lakeisha Jordan, Esq., Nominating Chair
Ms. Valerie Trent, Nominating Co-Chair
Ms. Karen Smaw, Protocol Chair
Ms. Connie Johnson, Public Policy & Advocacy Chair

Ms. Krysta Jones,  Public Policy & Advocacy Chair Co-Chair
Ms. Angela M. Homer, Technology Chair

 Ms. Lorelle D. Langhorne, Historian

Ms. Natalie Davis, Amenities Chair

Appointed Officers 

Ms. Sheila Bryant, Immediate Past President
Ms. Natavia Jean-Jacques, Parliamentarian
Rev. Adwoa Rey, Chaplain

Ms. Lisa Storr, Assistant Chaplain
Ms. Angela M. Homer, Sergeant of Arms

Past Chapter Presidents

Evelyn Reid Syphax* - Organizer


Carolyn Eaglin, Esq.*



Ellen A. Graves*


Mary Ann Neal*


Michelle M. Spady


Dr. Alice H. Howard, Ed.D.


Robin S. Browder 


Sheila J. Bryant




Adwoa Rey, MARS

Andrea Bailey

Andrea Wingo

Angela M. Homer
Angela Smith-Mackey

Angie Best

Antoinette Rivera

April Rochelle

Dr. Ara Thomas Brown, Ed.D.

Barbara Evans

Dr. Bathsheba Bryant-Tarpeh, Ph.D.

Beverly Holmes

Carla Conley

Carla Moss

Caroline Kitchen

Dr. Carrie Register-Haley

Dena Bost

Clara A. Marshall

Connie Johnson

Cynthia Harvey

Dr. Denise Nazaire, Ph.D.

Diane Nimmo Hunter

Diane Price

E. Carita Tompkins

Ebonee Montgomery

Ethel R. Lee Walker*

Fannie Allen

Felicia Hackett

Frances Wood

Gayle Hopson-James

Gina E. Wood

Haneda Garner

Harriet Reed

Idris Stover

Inez Whitmire

Jackie Lucas, Esq.

Jacquelyn Mitchell

Jeannia James

Julia C. Pryor

Karen Smaw

Kathy Mealy

Dr. Kiana Trent, DPM

Krysta Jones

Lakeisha Jordan, Esq.

Lanita Thweatt

Lessie Dew

Lillie Easley Parker

Lisa Storr

Liza Reynolds

Lorelle Langhorne

Michelle Caldwell Thompson 

Monique Acosta-House

Monique Rush

Natalie Davis

Natavia Jean-Jacques

Nickcola Noble

Ora Clark-Brown

Pamela Harris

Pamela Wright

Porlan Cunningham

Dr. Rebecca Sledge

Renatha S. Saunders

Rachel Hughes

Rhonda A. Moore

Robin Valentine

Sandra Stewart

Sheila J. Bryant

Shirley Anderson

Stacy Watson

Tamara Baptiste

Tamica Wells

Tammie Wondong-Ware

Dr. Taunna Jones, DPM

Tonyia Johnson

Val Marie Turner

Valerie Trent

Versie Liles

Winifred Allen

Yolondria Dixon-Carter

Yvette O. Jefferson

Yvonne Jefferson

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